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U.S. DOT certificates are awarded to each participant upon successful completion of courses sponsored by the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI).  Many of our courses include competency-based testing.  Participants earn a certificate of successful completion based on these performance measures.  Seminar participants receive a certificate of attendance.



TSI has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 8405 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, McLean, VA 22102 .   Courses with CEU approval are annotated in the course details.  Currently, the following courses have been approved:

  • Flight Procedures Office Training Course : 2.4 CEU's
  • U. S. DOT Motor Carrier Safety Compliance Course: 4.1 CEU's
  • Transit System Security: 3.4 CEU’s
  • Fundamentals of Bus Collision Investigation:  3.6 CEU’s
  • Effectively Managing Transit Emergencies: 2.7 CEU's
  • Intermediate Problems in Bus Collision Investigation: 3.7 CEU's
  • Introduction To Flight Procedures (TERPs): 10.5 CEU's
  • Transit System Security: Design Review:  2.0 CEU’s
  • Instrument En Route and Approach Development (International): 14 CEU's
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: 1.5 CEU’s
  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) - Theory and Application:  1.6 CEU's
  • Introduction to Aeronautical Charts: 3.7 CEU's
  • Fundamentals of Bus Collision Investigation-A: 3.6 CEU's
  • Departure Procedures: 5.6 CEU's
  • Required Navigation Performance-Authorization Required (RNP-AR): 7.5 CEU's
  • Air Force Fundamentals of Collision Investigation: 3.6 CEU's
  • Transit Industrial Safety Management 3.6 CEU's
  • Transit Supervisor Certification Course 3.2 CEU's
  • Basic Aircraft Accident Investigation 5 CEU’s
  • Aviation Safety Program Management (SMS) 5 CEU’s
  • Turbine Engine Accident Investigation 2 CEU’s


TSI has partnered with several safety and security professional organizations to provide safety practitioners with a variety of opportunities to enhance their professional credentials.


Meals are not included with your tuition fees.  There is a cafeteria located in the ARB (Aviation Records Building).  The cafeteria is open Monday through Friday serving breakfast, lunch, and a variety of snacks.  In addition, the private vendor operates a specialty shop located in the basement of the Aviation Records Building and a smaller satellite dining area located in the Technical Support Facility.  Both of these dining facilities offer breakfast, lunch, and various snacks.

There are two snack bar facilities which are located in the Air Traffic and General Thomas P. Stafford Buildings.  These facilities are open Monday through Friday serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition to the above mentioned dining facilities, the majority of the buildings located at the MMAC have vending machines.  The vending machines offer a variety of drinks and snacks.


Will Rogers World Airport is the only commercial airport within close proximity to TSI.


Hotels located in Southwest Oklahoma City, near I-40 and on Meridian Avenue are closest to Will Rogers World Airport and TSI.  Some hotels may offer special rates for TSI students.


Typically, class hours are 8:00 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.  There could be some variance on the last day of class.  Specific class hours will be provided by your training host prior to your arrival in Oklahoma City .  Note:  Travel arrangements should be made to allow for participation in all sections of the enrolled class.


Weather conditions in Oklahoma fluctuate very frequently.  We recommend that you be prepared for any outdoor activities associated with your class.  Specific class activities and recommended apparel will be provided by your training host prior to your arrival in Oklahoma City .

The following TV stations provide updates during hazardous weather and announcements as to the status of the MMAC:

  • KFOR – TV ↔  Channel 4                        
    KOCO – TV ↔ Channel 5                        
    KWTV –TV ↔ Channel 9

Exceptions to TSI’s normal operating schedule may be made in the case of inclement weather.
In the case of inclement weather, please call 405-954-0040 to verify the operating status of TSI.


Appropriate attire is business casual or your organizational uniform, and is entirely your preference.  For comfort during class, we recommend you bring a sweater or jacket just in case our classroom temperatures are too cool for your preference. For your safety, specific class exercises may warrant additional safety clothing/personal protective equipment.  If applicable, these recommendations will be provided by your training host prior to your arrival in Oklahoma City .


Oklahoma City is in the Central Standard Time (CST) Zone.


Many of the local hotels provide transportation to and from the airport.  You may want to verify the airport transportation options with your lodging accommodations.  In addition, taxis and other public transportation options are available.

Note: Taxis and other public transportation are not allowed access to the facility. This transportation mode can bring you to the Guard Gates and we are located approximately 1 mile from the Guard Gates. Specific transportation recommendations will be provided by your training host prior to your arrival in Oklahoma City.


There are many local attractions and interesting things to do and see while you are here in Oklahoma City.


Please notify your instructor and/or course manager as soon as possible of any accident, illness, and/or medical condition you may encounter while attending training at TSI. Students may seek care from the MMAC CAMI Clinic or may choose a community provider. Your instructor and/or course manager will provide you with information/assistance for the CAMI clinic.  The clinic is staffed with physicians, registered nurses and support personnel who are able to treat most routine illnesses and injuries. Outpatient services are provided to students to encourage early medical management of illnesses and injuries – with emphasis on returning students to class quickly.  Students with conditions beyond the clinic capability will be referred to community providers for interim care.

Non-Emergencies: Make an appointment with a physician, dentist, or other care provider, or visit an AM/PM – Urgent Care Clinic just as you would if you were at home.  Students should be sure to advise their instructor if they are going to be absent from class.  Remember to inquire in advance if the physician or facility accepts your insurance and what payment arrangements are necessary.  

Emergencies (Day or Night):  It is recommended you go to the nearest hospital emergency room.  Below is a list of hospital emergency rooms.  


If you are in need of assistance or require a reasonable accommodation, please notify your training host as soon as possible.


TSI is located at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC), 6500 S. MacArthur Boulevard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  (Map) The MMAC is a secure facility. You will be issued an identification card and parking permit for access to the facility.

Guard gates are located on the West side of the Campus at the intersection of S. Regina and Mike Monroney Boulevard and at the south end of the campus just north of the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and S.W. 74th Street .  The West guard gate is open 24‑hours a day, 7 days a week.  The South gate is open from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.

All students and employees are required to have their ID visible at all times.  It is to be worn on the outer clothing above the waist and below the neck. The parking permit must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle.   

Specific information regarding your student ID’s and parking permit will be provided by your training host prior to your arrival in Oklahoma City

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